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Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences. Vol. 38, No. 4, 2021

Research Paper
Investigation of the Jets of the Blazar 3C 279 with Korean VLBI Network (KVN) 22–129 GHz Observations
J. Astron. Space Sci. 2021;38(4):193-202.
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Observations of the Aurora by Visible All-Sky Camera at Jang Bogo Station, Antarctica
J. Astron. Space Sci. 2021;38(4):203-215.
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Design of Regional Coverage Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Constellation with Optimal Inclination
J. Astron. Space Sci. 2021;38(4):217-227.
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Characteristics of Horizontal Winds in the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere Region over Korean Peninsula Observed from the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute Meteor Radar
J. Astron. Space Sci. 2021;38(4):229-236.
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Development of a New Pressure-Sinkage Model for Rover Wheel-Lunar Soil Interaction based on Dimensional Analysis and Bevameter Tests
J. Astron. Space Sci. 2021;38(4):237-250.
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