Editorial Workflow


Once manuscripts are submitted, they will be reviewed by two or more experts in the corresponding field. The Editorial Board may request that authors revise the manuscripts in light of the reviewers’ suggestions. The authors should upload the revised files with a reply to each item in the reviewers’ comments after revision of the manuscript. The authors should complete the revisions within 60 days of request. If the authors want to extend the revision period to more than 60 days, they should contact the Editorial Board. The manuscript review process should be completed after the second review. If the authors wish to engage in further revision, the Editorial Board may consider it. The Editorial Board will make a final decision on the approval for publication of submitted manuscripts and can request further corrections of the article text if necessary. Review and publication processes that are not described in the Instructions for Authors will be incorporated from the Editorial Policy Statements, approved by the Council of Science Editors Board of Directors (https://www.councilscienceeditors.org/resource-library/editorial-policies/white-paper-on-publication-ethics/2-3-reviewer-roles-and-responsibilities/).