Aims and Scope

JASS aims for the promotion of global awareness and understanding of space science and related applications. Unlike other journals that focus either on space science or on space technologies, it intends to bridge the two communities of space science and technologies, by providing opportunities to exchange ideas and viewpoints in a single journal. Topics suitable for publication in JASS include researches in the following fields: space astronomy, solar physics, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics, cosmic ray, space weather, and planetary sciences; space instrumentation, satellite dynamics, geodesy, spacecraft control, and spacecraft navigation. However, the topics covered by JASS are not restricted to those mentioned above as the journal also encourages submission of research results in all other branches related to space science and technologies. Even though JASS was established on the heritage and achievements of the Korean space science community, it is now open to the worldwide community, while maintaining a high standard as a leading international journal. Hence, it solicits papers from the international community with a vision of global collaboration in the fields of space science and technologies.